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Should I Still Hire an Attorney if I Think I’m Guilty?  

Law Offices of Malcolm B. Seawell May 9, 2024

Facing criminal charges is mentally draining, particularly for those who believe they might be guilty. It raises a critical question — should one still consider hiring an attorney under such circumstances? Absolutely.  

At the Law Offices of Malcolm B. Seawell, our legal team has the resources, strategic knowledge, and experience to fight for your rights. Take legal action today by scheduling a free consultation. We proudly serve clients in Denver, Colorado, and throughout the Denver Metro area including Aurora, Golden, Lakewood, Arvada, Boulder, Brighton, Englewood, Castle Rock, Littleton, and Highlands Ranch. 

Why Legal Representation Matters

The law is multifaceted and often nuanced enough that it can significantly influence the outcome of a case. Even if you're leaning towards pleading guilty, the knowledge of our attorneys at the Law Offices of Malcolm B. Seawell can be invaluable. Our roles include: 

  • Experienced Legal Guidance: Offering informed advice based on comprehensive legal education and practical courtroom experience. 

  • Case Representation: Speaking on your behalf in court, making sure your side of the story is heard accurately and persuasively. 

  • Critical Research: Investigating legal precedents and statutes that could substantially affect the strength and direction of your case. 

  • Skillful Negotiation: An attorney can potentially reduce charges, penalties, or both through plea agreements

  • Confidential Consultation: Preserving the confidentiality of your situation as mandated by the attorney-client relationship. 

  • Ethical Advocacy: Committing to upholding the highest standards of legal practice and client defense. 

Consequences of Pleading Guilty

Pleading guilty to criminal charges, whether under the advice of counsel or as part of a plea bargain, carries significant consequences that can widely vary. Understanding these potential outcomes is beneficial before making such a decision. Here are some common repercussions of pleading guilty: 

  • Sentencing: A guilty plea often results in sentencing that may include imprisonment, probation, community service, fines, or a combination thereof. The severity of the sentence can depend on various factors, including the nature of the crime, prior convictions, and mitigating circumstances. 

  • Criminal Record: A guilty plea results in a criminal conviction that becomes part of your permanent record. This can affect future employment opportunities, as many employers perform background checks. A criminal record can also impact professional licensing, housing applications, and eligibility for government benefits. 

  • Financial Implications: Beyond court-imposed fines, pleading guilty can also lead to restitution payments to victims, increased insurance rates, and the potential loss of professional licenses or memberships, all of which carry financial burdens. 

  • Social and Personal Impact: A conviction can strain personal and familial relationships and affect your social standing. It may lead to a loss of respect within your community and among your peers. 

  • Legal Rights: Depending on the nature of the conviction, you may lose certain civil rights, such as the right to vote, serve on a jury, hold public office, or possess firearms. 

  • Immigration Consequences: For non-citizens, a guilty plea and subsequent conviction can have severe immigration consequences, including deportation, exclusion from admission to the U.S., and denial of naturalization. 

Deciding to plead guilty should never be taken lightly. It's imperative to fully comprehend the long-term effects of such a plea and to consult with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to explore all possible alternatives and to understand the full scope of the consequences before making a decision. 

Protecting Your Presumed Innocence

One of the founding principles of the American legal system is the presumption of innocence. At the Law Offices of Malcolm B. Seawell, we staunchly advocate for this right and work to ensure every client receives a fair and unbiased trial.

We believe in the integrity of this process, where every accused individual must be considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Our legal team has the resources to focus on: 

  • Vigilant observance of due process

  • Fair treatment in the judicial system, free from discrimination or bias

  • Expert navigation of Colorado's legal framework

Your trust in the Law Offices of Malcolm B. Seawell provides you with a robust defense strategy and empathetic support throughout your case. 

Developing Your Defense Strategy

Our legal team is skilled in exploring a variety of defense mechanisms depending on the circumstances and evidence of your case. Some of the possible defenses for criminal charges include: 

  • Lack of Probable Cause: Arguing that law enforcement did not have sufficient reason to make an arrest or conduct a search, thereby challenging the legal foundation of the case. 

  • Mistake of Fact: Demonstrating that a genuine mistake led to the alleged criminal behavior, negating the intent to commit a crime. 

  • Alibi: Providing evidence that you were somewhere else at the time the crime was committed, proving you could not have possibly been involved. 

  • Duress or Coercion: Claiming that you were forced to commit the crime under threat of harm, suggesting actions were not taken of your own free will. 

  • Entrapment: Arguing that law enforcement induced you to commit a crime you otherwise would not have engaged in. 

  • Self-Defense: Asserting that your actions, although meeting the criteria of a criminal act, were necessary to protect yourself or another from immediate harm. 

  • Defense of Property: Claiming that actions were taken in defense of your property from being unlawfully infringed upon or stolen. 

  • Insanity Defense: Arguing that due to mental illness, you were unable to understand the nature of your actions or distinguish right from wrong at the time of the offense. 

  • Influence of Drugs or Alcohol: While not typically a complete defense, in some cases, it can negate the requisite mental state needed to commit a crime. 

Each defense strategy is tailored to the specific facts and circumstances of your case, demanding thorough preparation and a comprehensive understanding of the law. 

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