Family Estate & Wealth Planning

We are both attorneys and parents who intimately understand the importance that estate and trust documents reflect our values and desires so that they can speak for us when we cannot. Decisions around guardianship, asset distribution, and healthcare directives are uncomfortable and even contentious for parents often causing many of us not to make decisions.

Plan Ahead, Even If You Don't Think You Need To Yet

Failure to make a decision is a decision, and sadly we have seen the unintended outcomes when people put off these difficult yet critical decisions. Without individualized family estate and wealth planning, when the unthinkable happens, judges will dictate what happens to your children and assets which may not align with your wishes and values.

To avoid this outcome, we compassionately and expertly guide our clients through the discomfort to a place of empowered decision making, with the result being individualized estate and trust plans and supporting documents that provide invaluable peace of mind.

One size does not fit all when it comes to family estate and wealth planning. We go beyond a will to explore your needs for revocable living trusts, guardianship paperwork, advanced health care directives, pet trusts, and charitable trusts.

Need a Plan for Your Estate?


Estate Planning Is For Everyone

It is a common misconception that estate planning is only necessary for wealthy people. Assets accumulate over a lifetime and a strong estate plan acts as a living funnel for your assets within your holistic wealth plan. A well-thought-out estate plan is a must for every parent. Even a young family with modest assets now needs a comprehensive estate plan to ensure their children will be cared for by a guardian of their choosing and in the manner which expresses their values and choices and not those of others.

We are not document generating attorneys but guides and partners in the development and re-evaluation of estate plans that honor not only the wishes and values of our clients distribution of their financial assets but honor their legacy by reflecting the core values they want to leave their children and community.

In our time together, we consider your current status and the potential impacts of divorce, remarriage, mental illness, new children, state and federal tax inheritance laws, bankruptcy, addiction, and other life circumstances to create thorough plans with safeguards and flexibility. 

Please contact us for a free consultation so that we may help you protect your legacy.