Great Defense Lawyer

Malcolm was able to get charges dropped on separate occasions and provided peace of mind through stressful times. I would highly recommend Malcolm's services. He would make a great addition in any defense.


Knowledgeable Attorney

Malcolm Seawell is the complete definition of an attorney who knows the law. He is extremely knowledgeable, clear, concise, articulate, and to the point. He also thinks outside the box. He uses whatever resources are needed to obtain the best outcome for his client. Mr. Seawell is of exemplary character. He is known and respected by the courts


Compassionate Legal Counsel

I have full confidence in his ability. Malcolm is also compassionate and empathetic when it comes to understanding his client being overwhelmed by their situation. Yet, he can summarize and ease the stress and uneasiness of a person’s situation, by explaining the entire process in a way that can easily be understood. His client then knows exactly how their situation will progress and ultimately be corrected. Any of his clients will be fully taken care of by Malcolm’s expertise, knowledge, and calm demeanor. I would highly recommend Malcolm Seawell to anyone in need of an outstanding attorney.


Peace of Mind

As an out-of-state client, Malcolm gave us peace of mind with great counsel and direction when we couldn’t be with our son. He was able to walk us through situations we were unfamiliar with a simple, supportive explanation.


Dynamic Litigator

Malcolm is a dynamic, highly-regarded litigator who will leave no stone unturned in pursuit of a just outcome. With a comprehensive and robust knowledge of the law, he can spot small details that will have a significant impact on his clients. He is artfully persuasive and maintains legal accuracy when stating his cases. One of his most exceptional skills is that he can think on his feet, organize his thoughts, and incorporate new information while formulating a winning plan or strategy. Malcolm is one of those rare people who are deeply concerned about right and wrong and works to see that the law becomes a tool of justice, rather than an instrument of oppression — my highest recommendation.

-Margaret D.

Detailed & Diligent

I would like to take this opportunity to share a recent experience I had with Malcolm Seawell. My son recently confronted a difficult situation with Denver Police in a trespassing incident. After an initial meeting with the DA, we came away with an unsatisfactory result. At that time, we retained Malcolm to review the case. Turns out after numerous attempts and court appearances, Malcolm successfully had the case dismissed. The reason for our success was because he was very detailed in his due diligence reviewing the evidence, having patience in not rushing to settle for a mediocre outcome and because he is well connected and respected in the court/legal system. I highly recommend Malcolm for any criminal legal matters.


Ongoing Support

After receiving a citation requiring a court summons, a family member needed legal assistance because he had no experience with this type of violation, and he didn’t know what to expect in court. Thankfully, he was referred to Malcolm Seawell. He consulted with us and then clearly laid out the options, possible outcomes, and his defense strategy. That gave us encouragement and comfort in dealing with this unfamiliar situation. Throughout the multiple court proceedings, Malcolm provided ongoing counsel and direction and collected documentation and statements that would support his client. He then worked closely and effectively with the district attorney to recommend a sentence to the judge which would best help his client learn, change his behaviors, and serve others. And that’s what the judge accepted. We are really grateful for Malcolm’s legal skills and for guiding us through this emotional and trying situation.


In Good Hands

It was evident when we first met with Malcolm that we were in good hands. As an out-of-state client, we truly appreciated Malcolm’s professional counsel and direction as well as kind personal support during a difficult situation.